Hangars Liquides “La Peste’s label flashcore”
K-Ni-Bal “Hardcore soundsystem and label from France”
No-Tek “Hardcore speedcore label from France”
Ketacore “Dutch Breakcore crew”
Entity “One of the best experimental Netlabels around”
Nick Nenov “Experimental graphics design and music”
Margriet Kicks-ass “Soundsculptures”
Praxis “Experimental Breakcore label”
Dr. Nexus “Noise speedcore”
Chlorophyll Fluxbunny “Experimental Broken Beats”
Dirtyroom 77 “Breakcore label netlabel from France”
Taishin Inoue “Glitches from Tokyo”
Maruosa “Extreeeeme breakcore Tokyo”
Bourinage Mental “Flashcore, Speedcore netlabel run by HFK”